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Why choose AOL gasket cutting machine

Recently, many sealing gasket manufacturers have found AOL, asking whether AOL digital gasket cutting machine can cut their products.

Customers bring several commonly used materials, like non-asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite sheet, rubber, PTFE, etc. Tried a cut according to the customer's request, and the effect is very good.

Let me show you the steps and effects of gasket cutting

1. Cutting graphics import

There are many types of gaskets, and there are many kinds of materials. Each model and shape corresponds to a different cutting path. The cutting path of the customer's electronic version is directly copied to the operating computer of our cutting machine.

2. Adjustment machine parameters

Our engineers adjust the parameters of the cutter head according to the thickness and hardness of the material, mainly adjusting the depth and angle of the blade to prevent overcutting or chatter marks.

3. At the beginning of cutting, because they were not familiar with the material and the cutting edge was not smooth enough, the engineer adjusted the parameters and tried several times and finally cut out the result that the customer is satisfied with.

This is the cutting effect

Because of the selection of special materials, the vertical cutting has no taper, no burrs on the edge, and no need for secondary grinding.

The customer is very satisfied with the cutting effect and said that the production efficiency of our machine has been increased by more than three times.

It saves more than 800,000 labor and raw materials every year, which greatly improves the competitiveness of the company.

2. The customer asks how to choose the model of the gasket cutting machine

Customers choose 1625 non-feeding racks the most, followed by 2125 non-feeding racks, 1625 racks feeding and 2125 racks feeding few.

The specifics still depend on the cutting material. Welcome to consult If you need a feeding machine for coiled material, you can choose a fixed-table machine if it is not for coiled material.


Three, the choice of specific tools is also different

1. The most commonly used in the gasket industry is a Pneumatic Oscillating Tool

Asbestos board, asbestos free board, PTFE, rubber board, fluorine rubber board, silica gel board, graphite board, graphite composite board, these materials are most commonly used pneumatic knives.

Principle of : The high-frequency vibration of the blade up and down is driven by the air impulse to cut the material.

Vibration frequency: about 10,000 times/min

Amplitude: 9mm

Cutting speed: 100-200mm/s

Need 0.8mpa air pressure, the air pump is greater than 4.5kw, the air pump is preferably a screw air pump, it is best to install an air storage tank

 Knife holder 1mm blade 1mm (other tool holders 2.5mm)


2. Composite materials within 1mm need to use a Oscillating Knife Tool

Principle: Servo motor drives the blade to vibrate up and down with high frequency to cut the material.

Vibration frequency: 16000 times/min

Motor: 250w

Amplitude: 3mm

Cutting speed:100-300mm/s

3. Commonly used Milling Knife Tool for processing PTFE gaskets

Principle: Milling is performed by a high-speed rotating tool, the maximum speed is 18,000 rpm


Each material and the corresponding graphics are different, and the choice of blades is also different.

1. The blade for cutting graphite gaskets, one millimeter thick, 35-degree double-edged knife, made of high-speed steel


2. The blade for cutting non-asbestos and asbestos gaskets is one millimeter thick and made of high-speed steel


3. The blade for cutting PTFE gaskets, usually φ4


The following are the cutting speeds of different materials tested

Graphite gasket: 1.5mm (300mm/s) 2mm (300mm/s) 5mm (100mm/s)

Asbestos gasket: 3mm (300mm/s) 5mm (200mm/s)

Non-asbestos gasket: 3mm (300mm/s) 5mm (200mm/s)

Rubber gasket: 3mm (200mm/s) 5mm (100mm/s) 10mm (50mm/s)

Polyethylene PTFE gasket: 3mm (150mm/s) 5mm (100mm/s)

Many customers also choose to install a projector to cooperate with our research and development of a projection positioning system. Because in the actual cutting process, it is difficult for users to accurately align the material with the cut graphics. This system can project the cutting graphics on the processing table in a 1:1 ratio, which is convenient for users to align the materials. Users can also place irregular zero materials in the projection area for alignment cutting, which greatly improves the utilization of zero materials.


In addition, according to the particularity of the materials used in the gasket industry, the aol gasket cutting machine adopts a unique multi-zone technology, and the adsorption force is increased by more than 5 times.

In addition, AOL's machines are also equipped with a whole machine anti-static system to protect the safety of personnel to the greatest extent


The reasonable and advanced mechanical structure design and the CAM special software developed for the sealing industry promote the cutting machine of the AOL sealing industry to complete the special-shaped seal processing with high precision, high speed and more stability. The finished workpiece has no sawtooth, no burr, smooth and consistent Good performance, effectively solving the problems of aging employees in the sealing industry, low production efficiency, reliance on manual experience, low material utilization, difficult manufacturing of special-shaped parts and non-standard specifications, chaotic document management, high product rejection rate, long delivery cycle, etc. , To help customers in the sealing industry win more market share with high quality, short production cycle, and customized customer service while reducing costs and improving efficiency!

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