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Airgel felt CNC vibrating knife cutting machine

What is airgel felt?

  Airgel felt is a flexible insulation felt made of nano-silica or metal airgel as the main material and compounded with carbon fiber or ceramic glass fiber wool or pre-oxidized fiber felt through a special process. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity and certain tensile and compressive strength. It is a new type of pipe insulation material.

airgel felt

In what situations is airgel felt material used?

  Airgel felt is mainly used in industrial pipelines, storage tanks, industrial furnaces, power plants, rescue cabins, warship bulkheads, high-speed trains, directly buried pipelines, injection molding machines, detachable insulation sleeves, high-temperature steam pipelines for heavy oil mining, and transportation , thermal insulation in household appliances, steel, non-ferrous metals, glass and other fields.

What are the classifications of airgel felt?

Glass fiber aerogel: Using glass fiber needle felt as the base material, it is usually used in thermal pipe networks, industrial insulation and other fields.

Pre-oxidized silk aerogel: Using pre-oxidized silk fiber as the base material, the composite product is often used as heat insulation for new energy batteries.

Ceramic fiber aerogel: Using ceramic fiber as the base material, it has excellent high temperature resistance.

Airgel paper: Using glass fiber paper, ceramic fiber paper, etc. as the base material, it is often used in the field of heat insulation in small spaces.

Wave-transmitting airgel: Using fibers with excellent wave-transmitting properties as base materials, it is used in the field of wave-transmitting heat insulation.

Rigid airgel board: Using quartz board as the base material, it is used in heat insulation scenarios that require certain strength.

Classification of airgel felt

What is the CNC vibrating knife cutting machine for airgel felt?

  The airgel felt digital cutting machine uses a digital program to drive the machine movement. As the machine moves, the knife cuts the object randomly. This kind of mechatronic cutting machine is called a digital cutting machine. It can cut a variety of flexible materials, such as leather, advertising packaging, carpet industry, textile industry, composite material cutting, automotive interior and other materials commonly seen in the world.

Airgel felt digital cutting machine

How does the airgel felt CNC vibrating knife cutting machine work?

  The airgel felt digital cutting machine uses computer graphics and processes the internal data before transmitting it to the machine control card. The control card then sends command pulse signals to the servo drive. The drive drives the servo motor to move the machine and sends signals at the same time. Give the cutting tool and perform cutting action on the raw material.

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