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Leather & Shoes CNC cutter

CNC Leather Cutting Machine for Sale

Accuracy in dimensions and processing are extremely important to improve quality and finishing for both small and large leather goods. Close to its production capacity and reliability, such an accuracy has made AOL become the most important partner of  leather goods manufacturers. 

AOL digital leather cutting machines eliminate the need for expensive dies and reduce the need for manpower, all while processing leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials efficiently and at the highest levels of quality. Superior cutting performance, low operating costs, and optimized workflow guarantee a quick return on investment.

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PU Leather
PU coated cloth
Imitation Leather
Cow Leather
Patent Leather
Genuine Leather
Finished Product Display
Leather Bag
Leather Clothing
Leather Shoes
Women's Boots
Complete Set of Cutting Tools
High-Power Oscillating Knife Tool
Driven Rotary Tool
Oscillating Knife Tool
Universal Drawing Tool
Pneumatic Knife Tool
Efficiency Comparison
    Material    AOL digital cutter efficiency    Manual cutting efficiency    Instead of manual quantity
     Leather clothing     250mm/s    80-100mm/s    3 pepole
     Pu skin     500mm/s    150mm/s    3 pepole
     Imitation leather     500mm/s    150mm/s    3 pepole
     Belt     300mm/s    25mm/s    4 pepole
     Genuine Leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3-4 pepole
     Leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3-4 pepole
     Cow leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    4 pepole
     Horsehide     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3-4 pepole
     Sheepskin     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3-4 pepole
     Sheep leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3 pepole
     FUR GARMENT     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3-4 pepole
     Patent leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    5 people
     Cowhide     100mm/s    10mm/s    3 people
     Artificial leather     150mm/s    15mm/s    4 pepole
     Full leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3-4 people
     Crocodile skin     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    4 pepole
     Real leather     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3 pepole
     Tire cow     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    3 pepole
     Turn fur     300-400mm/s    25-50mm/s    2-3 people
     Backpack     400mm/s    200mm/s    2 people

     Pu package

     400mm/s    200mm/s    2 people
     Leather bag     300-400mm/s    100-150mm/s    4 pepole
     Canvas bag     150mm/s    50mm/s    4 pepole
    Travel bag     150mm/s    50mm/s    4 pepole
    Fur bag     500mm/s    200-300mm/s    4 pepole
    Pu shoes     300mm/s    100mm/s    5 pepole
    Car luggage     150mm/s    50mm/s    4 pepole
    Travel luggage     150mm/s    50mm/s    4 pepole
    Canvas bag     150mm/s    50mm/s    4 pepole
    Cloth shoes     1800-2000mm/s    800-1000mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Shoes     2000mm/s    1000mm/s    5-6 people
    Leather shoes     300-400mm/s    100-150mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Boots     2000mm/s    1000mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Canvas shoes     1800-2000mm/s    800-1000mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Casual shoes     1500-1800mm/s    600-800mm/s    3-4 pepole
    High heels     600-800mm/s    200-300mm/s    3-4 pepole
    High heel shoe
     500-600mm/s    200-300mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Heightening shoes     600-800mm/s    200-300mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Snow boots     150mm/s    50mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Wallet     600mm/s    200mm/s    3-4 pepole
    Handbag     400mm/s    200mm/s    2 pepole
    The above data is for reference only, the actual operation, affected by the thickness, hardness, flexibility, etc. of the material, the data will be biased.
Hardware Dlsplay
Accurate & Stable Working Table
The cutting table is made of aviation aluminum, welded with square tubes with a wall thickness of 6mm, and finished with high-temperature heat treatment. It is strong, high-precision, and stable for long-term operation.
Imported felt
Imported felt ensures the flatness of the table top and strong adsorption capacity to ensure perfect cutting effect.
Control System
Independent research and development of human-machine interface operating system, humanized design, intelligent recognition of knife cutting, fast capture of cutting targets.
Imported Servo Motor
The machine with more stable performance and higher precision.
Modularized Cutting Tools
The modularized design ensures the cutting tools can be used on all the AOL product series.
Solve Industry problem
Improve material utilization
Improve industry accuracy
Replace labor, reduce cost and improve efficiency
Reduce costs and improve efficiency
Improved industry production standards

1. Large vision positioning system: Since the flexible material may be deformed by the factors such as: temperature, humidity, ink, pressure, stretching, wrinkles, etc,the original document outline cannot be used to accurately cut the actual pattem, we use the function of the high-precision camera s real-time shooting and contour extraction, thus to accurately identify and extract real-time work piece image contours for precise nesting. It is especially used in advertising printing and garments industries.

2. Accurate and Stable Working Table: The cutting table is build with aviation aluminum with honeycomb structure inside; sturdy, high-precision, stable for long-term running.

3. Automatic Processing System: To cut a perfect edge, Auto Processing system has automatic bleeding creating function,which facilitate users to adjust the bleeding according to their requirements.

Cutting workflow diagram

Automated Leather Cutting:

Leather Cutting Workflow Diagram

Genuine Leather Cutting:

Genuine Leather Cutting Workflow Diagram

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