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Cutting methods in cardboard production

  Industrial cutting methods for cardboard, paper and cardboard packaging are the subject of this white paper. Emphasis will be placed on cutting techniques and knives used in the production of paper and board products.

  Paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging is an environmentally friendly modern packaging that occupies a dominant position in all types of packaging. Analysis of the paper and paperboard market shows that printing paper, packaging paper and paperboard are the largest products produced and are expanding globally.

Cardboard and paperboard packaging types:

  Cardboard and paper packaging can be divided into the following categories based on their structural characteristics and material types: corrugated cardboard boxes, solid glued cardboard boxes, cardboard pallets, cardboard buckets and pallets, cardboard liners, paper bags, paper cast containers, cardboard pallets, cardboard containers , washers, buffers, separators, etc.


Types of paper and cardboard cutting:

Paper and cardboard are crushed and cut with a round knife:

  The cutting process is performed by means of a disc-shaped sharp knife rotating on a special support shaft. The circular blade is driven to rotate by friction between the blade and the moving web being cut. The radius of a disc blade depends on the thickness of the material being cut and the angle of the blade relative to the plane of the material. This angle does not exceed 150 degrees. This type of cutting is primarily used for single-ply materials and is also used with certain types of slitting machines.

Use a round blade to cut paper and cardboard:

  The rotary motion of the knife provides simultaneous cutting and web motion. Compared with flat knife cutting, friction increases when feeding continuously.

  A saucer knife is used for this type of cutting. The grinding angle of the top knife affects the cutting quality of the material and the strength performance of the blade. In theory, the cutting angle should be as high as possible depending on the hardness of the steel. In practice, to reduce friction, the cutting angle is best kept close to 50 degrees. If the cutting angle exceeds 50 degrees, excessive wear of the insert or chipping of the cutting edge will occur. Frequent attention must be paid to sharpening the knife in time, because in addition to the rotational movement, the knife can hit the sides and become dull prematurely. Rotary circular cutters, which work on the same principle as scissors, are widely used in paper cutters and slitting machines.

Paper and cardboard cutting:

  This particular type of cutting is performed by the impact of the knife. Used for the production of soft paper packaging (paper bags, paper bags, cartons, etc.). The paper web is cut between a toothed knife and a smooth knife, which are offset by a small distance. The result is a web of wavy or jagged cuts.

Paper and cardboard cutting on roll slitting and rewinding machines:

  In recent years, due to the rapid development of the packaging industry, labels and flexible plastic packaging, the demand for paper roll slitting and rewinding machines has increased.

  Roll slitting and rewinding machines are used for longitudinal slitting of paper and cardboard. From fine paper to medium density board, different roll sizes are required (from 8-10mm to 1m or even larger) and different material densities, giving rise to slitting machines of different designs and capacities. Roll slitting machines belong to the high-speed machine category and can cut at speeds up to 200 meters per minute.

Paper and cardboard cutting on roll slitting and rewinding machines:

Corrugated cardboard cutting machine cutting:

  Digital cutting machines are precise enough to process high-quality cardboard. You only need to import the template to be cut into the computer, and connect the corrugated cardboard cutting equipment through the computer to economically use materials to process high-precision products. The marks left by the cutter of the cutting plotter are uniform and not deformed. The machine can cut from one sheet to dozens, allowing for the creation and design of custom products.

To produce durable corrugated cardboard, the following methods can be used:

  Cuts made with a CNC cutter are perpendicular to the groove. During processing, the cushioning properties of the product are revealed. The low stiffness of corrugations allows the production of decorative elements.

  Use a plotter to cut along the groove. This has a positive effect on strength, since the stiffeners are not damaged during machining. Depending on the number of layers, corrugated cardboard is used to create substrates or boxes for transporting goods.

  The cardboard is cut with a sharp knife on a CNC cutting machine. Contrary to machining methods, the machine performs contour cuts according to set parameters. The software allows users to control the quality and depth of cuts. As a result, corrugated cardboard gets a clean cut without burning or tearing the cut edges. Precision in panel cutting is achieved by vacuum-holding the material.

  The software and the possibility to set precise cutting dimensions allow obtaining shapes of any complexity. This cutting technology is suitable for the production of packaging, shelving, large and small figures, 3D structures and pallets.

Corrugated box proofing machine.jpg

Advantages of corrugated cardboard cutting machine:

1. Infrared induction system, 360° surrounding safety, ensuring operator safety.

2. Complete camera positioning system, supporting ● or ten marks, etc., to improve work efficiency.

3. The solid aluminum honeycomb platform has good suction effect, ensuring that the platform is flat and will not deform after long-term use.

4. Flexible tool system, compatible with most series of tools.

5. Highly efficient anti-dry roll feeding system, completes feeding and cutting within 5 seconds; enabling the machine to achieve automatic continuous cutting.

6. Powerful CAD editing and design software, perfectly matched with multiple software; and supports barcode reading to prevent operators from sending wrong cutting files and improve work efficiency.

7. Parameter formulation system can adjust the best cutting parameters according to different materials to ensure the accuracy of each cutting.

8. The overall frame structure is designed by senior engineers in the industry. It is simple, stable, and easy to install and carry.

9. The precise knife setting system is easy to operate and can accurately control the depth of the knife and extend the use time of the mat.

10. Scientific and concise wiring system and chassis circuit design, stable and safe; equipped with all tool interfaces to support subsequent upgrades; easy to install and maintain.

  AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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