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Kt Board Digital Cutter

Kt board digital cutter make sample quickly after importing CAD design.Using vibrating blade to cut foam board, KT board, PVC foam board,  etc material. Making perfect sample,ensure sample accuracy. KT  board cutter will be a powerful tool for your factory to get large orders from the customer.

Features of kt board digital cutter:

1.Flexible: Easy conversion of knife cutting heads and knife tools can be achieved by special design. All these make it convenient for the clients.

2.Steady:Integrated welding body, frame and mounting can make the equipment quite steady. This can guarantee cutting precision even when the machine is used for a long time.

KT Board

3.Multi-function heads:oscillating cutting tool tool,wheel knife tool tool,V-cut tools,universal cutting tools or drawing tool can be easily matched according to your requirements. Different knife tools can cut different material, such as foam composite material,XPE,coiled mats,leather,silicone,rubber, etc.

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