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AOL1070: Small investment, big return

  MINI-Cutter. It is also a type of CNC cutting machine. The difference is that the machine does not look cumbersome or large in size like other machines. It looks very small and flexible, suitable for small batch customization and family factories. It is practical on the basis of The quality is also very reliable.

  We have received a lot of satisfactory comments from users who have purchased the machine, which will help us make the machine better. We are constantly improving the functions of the MINI-Cutter. At the same time, in 2021 we will launch the new MINI-Cutter AOL-1070. Let me introduce you What has changed.

New MINI-Cutter goes online-AOL-1070

1. Area

  Our new carving knife uses a 100vm*70cm working surface, so that this carving knife can cut more common areas of advertising packaging. It is very suitable for small batch customization in the packaging industry of the advertising industry and cutting in the home industry.

2. Security

  With the new cutting knife, we have improved our safety capabilities. The previous machine's safety emergency stop is limited to the sensing of obstacles on the work surface. On this basis, we have updated the safety sensing. When we are away from the cutting work The work surface may cause injury, and the machine will stop working safely. This further guarantees the safety of the staff operating the carving knife. Even in a small work room, the safe cutting and operation of the machine can be guaranteed. .

details of New MINI-Cutter

  The AOL-1070 cutting knife is suitable for cutting advertising packaging, but not suitable for cutting large quantities of materials. Finally, it can cut 6mm, and the ideal thickness is kept at about 4mm, which can achieve the best cutting effect, and has a suction cup feeding to allow cutting Become more automated and intelligent.

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