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Red Hard Leather Paper Flatbed Cutter

Our red hard leather paper flatbed cutter is equipped with varied knife tools,blades. With suitable configuration, it can meet different functions,such as cutting, drawing,  punching, plotting, routing,etc. It can be applied to every flexible or soft material with excellent cutting performance. It is high speed, high intelligent, high precise cutting , easy operation,etc. It can connect with other software well with data converting software. It help industry upgrade from traditional manual sampling to advanced high speed and precision production mode.

kraft paper

This red hard leather paper flatbed cutter is designed for professional costoume pattern making. And it can meet the customer’s demand for pattern cutting and drawing of various materials by its cutting and drawing function. It has a fast writing speed and good cutting quality, and become a good assistant for the fashion designer. It can cut many materials used in the pattern of garment, such as card paper, kraft paper, red hard paper etc. 

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