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Teach you how to judge the quality of CNC cutting machine

  When choosing a CNC cutting machine, do you see that products with the same function have a large price gap between different companies, so you must be thinking about how to choose a cutting machine with good quality and affordable price? For some purchasers, there is not much knowledge about CNC cutting machines. Even if a lot of relevant knowledge has been collected and understood before, it is difficult to make a correct judgment. Let me show you how to judge a CNC cutting machine. Is it worth buying!

  Some manufacturers will choose cheap machines in order to save money. As a result, after receiving them, the quality is too poor or there are always various problems, which will affect the use and cause huge losses. Also, some buyers don’t know much about the machines, thinking that they only need to buy them. Expensive ones can get good machines. In fact, this is not the case. When purchasing a machine, you need to look at it from multiple dimensions, such as bed, configuration, and other aspects, so as to avoid wasting money and time.

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First point: understand the structure of the bed

  It is important to know that a high-quality bed is the key factor for the continuous and stable operation of a CNC cutting machine. Therefore, when purchasing a machine, you need to know the material of the bed. The machines of different manufacturers seem to be the same, but they are actually very different internally. Before purchasing the machine, you can ask the salesperson to provide detailed photos of the bed and observe its structure. The bed structure of AOL CNC cutting machine includes square tube welding and aviation aluminum splicing, using 6mm thick square tube. Accuracy and stability of high-speed operation.

Suggestion: choose a bed with a large self-weight, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and reasonable structure.

The second point: the accessories of the machine

  Selecting high-quality machines produced with high-quality accessories can ensure long-term operation of the machine. The first is the selection of the motor. The motor can ensure the stability, efficiency and continuous operation of the machine. Many manufacturers use domestic servo motors. This does not mean that domestic servo motors are not good, but compared with Japanese servo motors, domestic stability The performance and servo rigidity are a little worse. AOL uses the Japanese Panasonic servo motor. It can meet the instantaneous acceleration of the cutting machine, and the power is stronger, ensuring long-term work and high efficiency. It can work normally even in cold or high temperature conditions.

Recommendation: When choosing a machine, be sure to choose an imported well-known motor. To ensure the stable work of the machine in the later stage.

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The third point: vacuum adsorption platform

  A complete vacuum adsorption platform consists of four systems: aluminum honeycomb panel, felt table top, high-power fan and platform detection system. We use aviation aluminum honeycomb panels with a thickness of 42mm, a wall thickness of 2mm, and a circular hole diameter of 5mm. The inner diameter is smaller than 1.5mm for partition adsorption. There are three partition adsorption functions. . The countertop is made of Dutch DERCO with a thickness of 4mm. Operating temperature is -10° to 110°

Suggestion: When choosing a machine, be sure to choose a honeycomb panel made of aviation aluminum.

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  The commonly used vacuum pump power of AOl CNC cutting machine is 2.2KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 9KW, 11KW and 12.5KW. The higher the power, the better the adsorption effect. Usually the machine model uses a vacuum pump that will not be lower than 7.5KW. When cutting some materials with good air permeability and thicker, the power of the suction fan will be increased, generally increased to 9kw. For some special materials, a matching vacuum pump will be professionally configured. In order to avoid the pressure on the electrical environment caused by the vacuum adsorption system during startup, we adopt batch startup in the circuit design to ensure the smooth operation of the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine.

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  Other configurations of the machine: German igus cable IGUS, Italian McGaudi belt, and the electrical appliances of the whole machine are French Schneider, Japanese Omron, etc., which can well meet the operating function requirements of the CNC cutting machine and ensure the long-term use of the machine. performance. Electrical parts must choose regular brands, otherwise it is easy to cause electrostatic interference and cause machine failure.

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In addition to understanding the parts configuration of the machine, what should be understood is how to properly wire it after receiving it?

  First of all, you should first understand and observe the circuit conditions of the machine, and arrange the circuit reasonably according to the voltage that the control board and electrical components can withstand. In addition, each cable has a corresponding label. After receiving it, you need to connect the line corresponding to the label. Up, if there is a failure during use, it can also tell us which circuit has failed faster, saving a lot of time.

  Secondly, you should also check whether the cable layout is reasonable and whether the reserved length is organized. Check whether the machine can operate normally after installing the circuits in various places and connecting the wires.

  AOL CNC cutting machine insists on neat lines and clean and tidy equipment, which gives people a very comfortable feeling. Even if you don’t understand machinery, you can easily identify the quality of the swing knife cutting machine by observing the machine bed, configuration and installation process. , I hope the above introduction can be of great help to you on how to choose a cutting machine! If you still have questions, please contact us, we will have professional business personnel to answer for you!

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