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The best partner of digital printing - digital cutting

  Cutting tables have moved away from straight sets for wide-format inkjet, offering versatility to ambitious digital printers.

  A few years ago, crease folders were a must-have item that every digital printer needed. Then booklet makers became essential, and then slitters.

  Technology is shrinking right now. Cutting tables are now available as mid-size machines, and they will be used strictly for B2 output, whether from flatbed inkjet printers or the increasingly available B2 digital presses.

  Digital cutting systems have revolutionized the way a wide variety of materials are cut in industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction. Composite materials, in particular, are a popular material used in a wide variety of products and applications, and digital cutting systems are increasingly being used for precise, efficient and cost-effective cutting.

Digital cutting machine

  Composite digital cutting systems are often based on computer numerical control technology, which allows automatic cutting according to precise instructions programmed into the computer. This technique offers many advantages over traditional manual cutting methods, including faster production times, greater accuracy, and the ability to create complex cuts and shapes that would be difficult or impossible to achieve by hand.

  The most obvious applications are low-volume packaging or greeting cards. These can be used for prototypes or short-run applications where digital printing requires digital finishing. The traditional method is to produce molds, which can take several days and the cost reflects this. It also requires investing in a die-cutting machine.

  The ability to cut a folding carton on demand has great appeal, especially for prototyping, consumer testing or gift packaging.

  When we see what it can do and realize that's exactly what we need in a particular field of work that we produce on a regular basis.

  Likewise, it can be used for promotional packaging for golf balls, CD inlays and greeting cards. The ability to blind press and cut makes this machine suitable for display boxes and wedding stationery.

  An alternative to digitally controlled cutting is digitally cutting with a blade. Blade cutting is available in flatbed form and is designed for  cutting digitally printed materials.

  Traditional plotter methods can provide true creases that CNC blade cutters cannot. Blade cutting, on the other hand, offers cutting precision and finesse unmatched by other cutting equipment.

  Digital cutting is a natural fit with the creative aspects of digital printing. It will add an extra dimension to digital printing and provide more options for ambitious print businesses.

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