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Can a digital cardboard cutter cut cardboard flat?
In many carton printing factories, the die-cutting speed of the die-cutting machine is relatively slow, 2000-3000 sheets per hour. By using a modern automatic cutting machine, the operator can easily achieve the highest production speed. And rapid prototyping is possible without template molds. Read this article to give you a detailed introduction to the digital cardboard cutting machine!
Detailed introduction

What is a cardboard digital cutting machine?

  A digital cutting machine is a machine that cuts materials such as corrugated cardboard very precisely using different cutting dies and tools. It is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes such as cutting fabric, paper or other flexible materials.

How to use a digital cutting machine for corrugated cardboard cutting?

  To cut corrugated cardboard with a digital cutter, you first need to determine the dimensions of the material you will be working with. Then you need to set the size and shape you want to cut. Then the machine takes care of the rest. Results are usually accurate and precise. It makes it ideal for applications such as fabric manufacturing.

digital cardboard cutter

How does a digital cutter work on cardboard?

  Digital cutters use a series of blades to cut cardboard into precise shapes. The blades are sharp and move quickly across the board. They make precise cutting easy. The machine is also equipped with sensors to ensure that the cut is in the correct position and there is no need for manual corrections.

What are the advantages of CNC cutting machine?

Digital cutting machines also bring many other benefits to the manufacturing process.

For example, they can help reduce waste by reducing the time it takes to cut large cardboard sheets.

They also make it easier and faster to cut multiple pieces of cardboard at the same time, speeding up the production process.

Plus, they can help reduce the time spent cutting cardboard by hand.

How to use the digital cutting machine?

  There are a few different ways to cut cardboard with a digital cutter. One way is to place the cardboard on the cutting platform and set the blade to the correct height. Then the machine will start to cut the cardboard automatically.

  Another method is to manually position the cardboard and use the controls on the machine to cut it into pieces of the desired size. You can also cut in any direction you want. This allows you to easily create intricate designs or shapes out of cardboard.

  Either way, a digital cutter is a great way to quickly and easily cut large quantities of cardboard. No need to spend hours cutting each piece by hand.

  With all these advantages, it is no surprise that digital cutting machines are in high demand. These machines can cut and stack a wide variety of different materials without any problem. Plus, they allow customers to store, transport and share finished work very easily.

Various parameters of the digital cardboard cutting machine:

Technical parameters / model



Effective working area



Multi-function tool

Vibrating knife full cut, semi-cutting cut, indentation, drawing mark, cursor positioning, camera positioning edge cutting, high power active round knife

safety devices

Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable

Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material

Applicable materials

Corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, kraft paper and other packaging boxes, stickers, labels, PP paper, flags, inkjet cloth, light boxes, KT boards, etc.

Material fixing method

Vacuum partition adsorption

Transmission port

Network port

Transmission system

Matsushita servo motor, linear linear guide, timing belt, lead screw

rated power


Rated voltage

380V±10%/220V±10% Optional

Control System

Chinese and English LCD touch screen

Operating environment

Operating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH

Support file format


Overall size



After-sales service of Cnc corrugated cardboard cutting machine:

1. The AOL after-sales service team has more than 20 engineers.

2. At least 3 engineers serving an agent/customer, all of them can speak English.

3. We support complete user manual, use video and photos.

4. We support remote assistance to help you install and use the software.

5. We support 24*7 online guidance and services.

6. Our machines are guaranteed for 3 years, except for felts, knives and blades, during this period, if there is any problem, we will replace them with new ones for free by DHL, and for knives, we will repair them for free within one year.

7. We promise to send out replacement parts within 24 hours.

8. We will set up a service group for you, including AOL sales staff, AOL engineers, AOL sales managers, AOL sales directors and you (or your staff), if you have any questions, we will reply within 1 minute.

9. Free upgrade of AOL software for life.

Why choose our AOL cnc corrugated board cutter?

  AOL has been committed to the production and optimization of CNC cutting machines. We have an independent factory, which can fully realize the design, production, sales, delivery and after-sales service processes. Cnc corrugated cardboard cutting machine is fast, easy to operate, perfectly realizes the cutting shape you want, the whole process is automated, no manual intervention is required, and high-efficiency and high-precision servo motors are used to realize intelligent cutting faster and more accurately. Perfect pre-sale and after-sale service, pre-sale tailor-made plans for you according to the specific situation of your cutting materials, and one-to-one after-sale guidance to ensure that you can master the operation method as soon as possible.

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Packaging method of cnc corrugated cardboard cutting machine:

1. Outer packing: Standard sea export plywood box.

2. Inner packing: stretchable film and plastic film to prevent moisture.

If you have special requirements, we can negotiate amicably; if you want to know more, please contact us.

About Warranty Policy:

  Our standard warranty period begins when delivery is complete. We provide you with a three-year warranty service and provide professional machine maintenance

  Renewal maintenance of machine parts is sold to customers at the lowest price.

If you want to know more about performance issues, please leave a message, we will have professional staff to contact you. Or click the link below to learn more about us!


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