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AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry in China, an AAA-level credit enterprise. The product quality has undergone multiple tests and the after-sales system is complete. It has provided reliable CNC cutting machines for more than 8,000 users worldwide, and has provided many users Professional industry cutting assembly line solutions.
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Advantages of cutting machine’s Hardware
Accurate & Stable Working Table
The cutting table is build with aviation aluminum with honeycomb structure inside; sturdy, high-precision, stable for long-term running.
Tabletop Height Compensation
The flatness of the tabletop is detected by a high-precision distance detector, ensuring perfect cutting result.
Control System
Independent research and development of human-machine interface operating system, humanized design, intelligent recognition of knife cutting, fast capture of cutting targets.
Imported Servo Motor
The machine with more stable performance and higher precision.
Modularized Cutting Tools
The modularized design ensures the cutting tools can be used on all the AOL product series.
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