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Knitted Fabric Dieless Knife Cutting

Features of knitted fabric dieless knife cutting:

1) Cutting by knife not laser, no air pollution , no burntedge, cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than co2 laser machine.

2) The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically,enabling a level platform and perfect cutting.

3)The equipment adopts Japan's Panasonic servo motor, which can ensure long-term operation of the machine and stable and continuous power supply.

4)Knitted fabric dieless knife cutting machine can be equipped with a variety of knives for cutting different materials, which can increase the added value of enterprises.

5)The system intelligently optimizes typesetting and cutting, providing better cutting and filling paths, saving more than 30% of materials.

6)The infrared induction safety device ensures the safety of the operator during the high-speed movement of the machine, and at the same time avoids the loss of cutting materials.

7)Anti-static interference and soft start device protect the safety and stability of the equipment.

8)The whole machine is dust-proof, reducing the equipment failure rate and prolonging the service life of the equipment.


Knitted fabric dieless knife cutting machine is designed to cut soft material with auto loading system. It could cut fabric, leather, carpet, which could supported on the rolling stand. Also good option for cutting film, sign logo board etc.

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