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Non-woven And Industrial Cloth Cutting System

Product Application of non-woven and industrial cloth cutting system:

Cutter markets suitable for  widely industly ,for instance : leisure fashional suits,children's  garments,suits, knitting casual/leisure  suits,underware,swimsuit,corsage,seat cushion,massage chair,yacht/houseboat seat,shoes,cat,cold protective clothing,golf bag,handbag,home textiles,cow-bag,sleeping bag,tent, apparel,automotive, and furniture and soft fabric as well as other industries.

Non-woven Fabrics

Main Features of non-woven and industrial cloth cutting system:

* Computer design, automatic typesetting, save original materials.

* Computer controlled and automatic cutting, save the human resource, mass production.

* Support many kinds of formats, direct open general dress design format, typesetting software.

* The unique algorithm and motion control technology, realized seamless between straight line and arc.

* High cutting accuracy, self-design of automatic sharpen cutter, high quality of cutter makes life longer.

* No need print out, save the typesetting, with high repeated utilization, plate marking management is convenient.

* Easy to change the spare part, and lower cost;

* Nice automation, easy to operate.

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