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Kt Board Cutting System

Features of kt board cutting system:

1). The kt board cutting system adopts two tool heads , which can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting, flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation and so on. You can perform complex processing technology proofing.

2). Vibrating knife cutting function: can cut different materials (corrugated paper, cardboard, rubber sheet gray board color, composite paper, gasket, leather and cloth, etc.).

3). Pressure folding function: It can press the perfect folding line on corrugated paper, cardboard, rubber sheet and other materials.

4). Cutting line function: It is used for folding after corrugated paper and paperboard half-cutting, and the function of dotted line cutting.

5). Positioning function: the use of laser light accurate positioning.

6). Drawing function: can draw a variety of high-precision patterns.

KT Board

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